In Camera Online Toastmasters Club

How are our meetings normally conducted?

What our meetings look like

A Toastmasters meeting generally consists of three parts:

  • Prepared Speeches: Members have the opportunity to deliver prepared speeches of different kinds, usually on any topic of their choosing. Regular speeches normally range from 5-7 minutes.

  • Table Topics: Impromptu speeches of 1-2 minutes answering a question asked by the facilitator. Guests may be called on to answer a question.

  • Feedback: The third part is all about feedback. It is given to the prepared speakers on various topics like speech effectiveness and structure, pointing out what was done well and also what can be improved.

All parts provide ample opportunities for learning and growth, both for beginners and experienced speakers.

For a more detailed overview of the different club roles: Toastmasters International -Club Meeting Roles

How our meetings (may) differ from other clubs


We take great care to finish our meetings on time, 8:30 CET sharp, to make sure that our members can start or continue their work day after the meeting. If you want to stay longer and chat a little, however, you are very welcome!

To accommodate the one-hour format, some roles – Grammarian, Timer and Ah-Counter – have different times allotted to them than usual.

Good Morning Moment

Our first speech of every meeting is the “Good Morning Moment“, a shorter speech of 2-3 minutes.