In Camera Online Toastmasters Club

Club Structure in Toastmasters International Organization


The individual clubs (such as the Club of In Camera Online Toastmasters Club) is the lowest organizational level. The club is managed by the club president.



Individual clubs that are geographically related are combined in different areas. The Club of In Camera Online Toastmasters is located in Area 6, District D -> D6 of Germany.


The areas are in turn grouped into different divisions. For Germany, there are divisions AH, with the Club of Nuremberg Rhetoricians in Division D (South-Eastern Germany).

For more information, visit the division’s website:


The districts (the largest administrative unit at Toastmasters) comprise different countries. Germany is a member with Norway, Denmark and Sweden in District 95.

Website of District 95 covering Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden having more than 150 Toastmasters clubs in total and serving at least 4000 members:

District 95, Toastmasters International

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