In Camera Online Toastmasters Club



The Pathways learning experience is Toastmasters’ education program.

Pathways helps Toastmasters learn communication and leadership skills.



EasySpeak is a platform built to allow Toastmaster clubs in Europe to automate their meeting planning and to track and support members’ development.

Evaluation Forms

For many, the most valuable aspect of Toastmasters is the evaluations they give and receive.

In successful clubs, members support each other through evaluations that encourage speakers to continue practicing and learning.

Members who receive thoughtful evaluations feel heard and become motivated to improve.

Role Checklist and Script Templates

Toastmasters club meetings provide an opportunity for members to learn and practice communication and leadership skills by assuming a variety of roles. Each meeting role has a unique set of responsibilities and skills for you to explore.

Club Tutorials in Youtube

Tutorial videos are arranged and posted on In Camera’s Youtube Channel on the purpose of enhancing members’ experience along Toastmasters journey.

Club Mentor


Mentoring helps develop interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Teaching helps us refresh and refine what we know. Sharing knowledge promotes our own confidence, feeling of contribution, and well being.

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